Dragons and Romans, Award-winning Novel

2018 B.R.A.G Medallion winner!

History records that 2200 years ago a Roman Legion fought a dragon. This is that story and these are the people who lived it.

Asdrubal, a Carthaginian high priest who  by sacrificing hundreds of  infants, resurrects an ancient predator, to demolish the Romans that stand against him,

A dragon that hates its demon handler as much as the Roman army it fights.

Miriam a prophetess slave girl, battles to save her baby from the sacrificial flames of Baal while using her healing gifts to restore the body of a broken Roman general and in turn finds her heart healing. But can a  Roman general really love a slave girl?

Regulus a powerful young Roman general wounded battling the dragon mentored in his dreams by an uninvited dead prophet draws a line in the bloody sand and clashes with demons, dragons and rampaging elephant cavalry.

These characters are forced to play out their parts in the last battle of a hundred years war, the siege of Carthage.  The Baal worshiping priest of Carthage sacrifices hundreds of innocent children. The power released summons Leviathan, a fiery dragon, and possesses the high priest whose soul is replaced by a demon.  The Romans attempt to sabotage the sacrifice fails but they do rescue Miriam a slave girl and her infant. Miriam has a prophetic gifting and is also skilled in the healing arts of her time.  Regulus, the Roman general, inspires his legions to battle the dragon and in so doing is terribly burned. He winds up in the care of Miriam, who discovers that Elijah the prophet has visited Regulus in the general’s dreams.  Regulus has to battle in the natural world against a creature ripped from the past, while Miriam has to work with Elijah to destroy the minions of the child-devouring Baal.

Finally, in the last battle, the citizens of Carthage are driven from behind their walls by   Asdrubal,  and thrown at the Roman army in human waves of fury. Attacked from the air by a dragon and the ground by hordes of tortured citizens, the last battle forces Regulus into a terrible choice. Will he sacrifice his life, his legion, and his love to save Rome?


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